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Outbound tourism

Tourist's first-aid ki
We recommend to create "the TOURIST'S First-aid kit" before a trip. In this case during travel you will be able to give yourself operational help at easy indispositions  - You should not spend time for searches of points of sale of medicines in the unfamiliar country and to solve a problem...
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Saryagash Golf club
it is the modern elegant club possessing the tremendous atmosphere disposing to game, rest and communication. The purest air, exotic of golf fields and freshness ut QUOTATIONS ON GAME IN CLUB "-SARYAGASh" - (18 holes) TYPE OF SERVICE For clubmen For Visitors of Club USUAL DAYS Sum of tenge Sum...
Group: Touristic services
Loss theft of baggage of things during travel
Tourists travel with baggage. Your baggage can be lost, mixed, spoiled or stolen. What to do when it happened to YOUR suitcases or things? I.  - Situation the first: - the baggage is lost/is opened during air transportation. At once address to representative office of airline which...
Group: Touristic services
Instruction to the tourist leaving to Turkey
BEFORE DEPARTURE Check existence of documents, necessary for a trip -  - BEFORE DEPARTURE Check existence of documents, necessary for a trip: The international passport (the passport has to be valid during - not less than three months - after a trip expiration date, -...
Group: Touristic services
Instruction to the tourist of Tax free
When shopping in the countries of the European community tourists can use the "tax free" system  -  - 1. What is "-tax free" - When shopping in the countries of the European community tourists can use system "-tax free" - ("-without tax"-) and to return themselves part of...
Group: Touristic services
Kazakh-Uzbek border
Almaty - Tashkent: - how to reach from Kazakhstan to Uzbekistan? (C) On the card, the distance between Almaty and Tashkent makes only 669 kilometers. However, the theory of relativity is applicable and here - in practice, it is one thousand kilometers of a real...
Group: Touristic services
Kazakh-Russian border
 - Rules of crossing state border of the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan 1. The list of documents of citizens of the Russian Federation for entrance, departure, transit, movement and stay in the territory of member states of the Euroasian economic community: - the...
Group: Touristic services
Kazakh-Kyrgyz border
When crossing by children of the Kyrgyz-Kazakhstan border presentation of the reference with a photo is temporarily cancelled It is published -25.06.2013 - - from - tjgadmin - Is published in - NEWS, - Central Asia Bishkek. June 25. Tadzhikta – On the...
Group: Touristic services
Traveler's checks
Preparing for travel, everyone would like to secure the money from loss and theft. One of options which will help you to keep money is p  - The Traveller '-s Cheque traveler's check is a payment document which represents the certificate for a certain sum in foreign currency which is...
Group: Touristic services
Transfer a meeting and farewell at the Railway station
meeting and farewell and delivery in Saryagash's sanatorium on comfortable cars, +7 701 764 56 98, transport services on the Kazakh-Uzbek border, - Issyk a sack Transport an uslugi:vstrecha on the Kazakh-Uzbek border, Meeting from station Saryagash to sanatorium FREE OF CHARGE. - Meeting...
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